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I'm too lazy to update this blog!  (。・_・。)ノ

You can find me in:


Tumblr: @GaraGara-Go

Youtube: @Maririn0792

Instagram: @Maririn1807

Bye Bye (。・ω・)ノ゙


Akimoto Sayaka

Akimoto Sayaka-Sama

I know that a lot of people are sad because Sayaka has officially resigned from her position as captain of Team K, due to the Hiroi Ouji scandal. (You can read more
here & here

So... if you like AKB48, if you like team K, if you like Sayaka, if you LOVE Sayaka... please, join in this project:

Messages of support to Sayaka


Yamada Ryosuke 17 Birthday Twitter Project

Hellooooooooooooooo guys!
How have you been?
Yesterday I was on facebook and I found this:

"On May 9 our beloved Yamada Ryosuke would be celebrating his 17 birthday... so ,to celebrate his birthday we are going to have a twitter project:

1st get a twitter account and start inviting friend to join us

2nd start twitting... remember to have this #yamadaryosuke for each post that you post... means just add a hashtag infront of his name (a hashtag is #)

3rd remember not to put a space between his name and remember to spell it correctly

4th start twiting already... from anywhere... your home... or using ur handphone if you could... we need to get it into the trending topic!!"

So, will you join in the project? :P


Hi people...

I guess that you know about the huge earthquake in Chile -my dear country-.
I was in the city that suffered more damages, but I'm safe! Thank you very much for be worried about me!
When I was in Concepción, we hadn't got anything... water, electricity, telephone, internet, food...
And Concepción don't have water and food yet. 
People needs a lot of help!


Take Care
Natsumi (Mari)


Thanks to all of you guys!

    Thanks for your support in the #isupportGD project, thanks for the time that we spent together on twitter.
    We reached the TOP#4 (That wasn't bad, because there are some TT very popular).

    Some friends asked to me: "Hey, who is GD, why your asian guys ALWAYS are TT?" And I answered... That is the fangirl/fanboy power.


    The TT began at 11PM (Korean Time),  but there was the 1:00AM and we tweeted less than 2000 tweets. But we didn't give up and at 1:51AM we tweeted more than 5278 tweets. 

    01:00AM = 1821 tweets
    01:51AM = More than 5278 tweets ★
    03:35AM = (+3558 tweets) ~ 8836 tweets   
    03:46AM -> (+3887 tweets) ~ 12723 tweets 
    05:00AM -> Only 36 tweets more LOL 

    What’s important?
    Maybe for some of us, supporting stars of  SO differents cultures can be difficult, that's why I'm so proud of you guys!

    Let's support always to GD Oppa, let's show to the world that Kpop isn't only for korean people ^^

Project #iSupportGD


Hello! How are you?
I know that a lot of people are angry because GD was slapped down with plagiarism accusations
and also was hit with an age restriction on his album (inappropriate for fans under 19 years old),
adding the fact that his concert had visual sexual content and the kids that attended the concert
were exposed so... the concert DVD will be CENSURED too. (You can read more

Monday, December 28th, 9AM EST (New York - USA)
Monday, December 28th, 11AM (Santiago - Chile)
Monday, December 28th, 11PM (Seul - Korea)
Monday, December 28th, 11PM (Tokyo - Japan)

If you need a Time Zone Converter, check the following links:
The World Clock
Current local times around the world (Main list)

You have to remember...
- All tweets must be unlocked for them to count 
 - Don't support the another trending topics, like Xmas or #nowplaying,
for example: I got the Heartbreaker Album in Xmas, because #iSupportGD
 #nowplaying GD - Breathe and so what? #iSupportGD
Because you are going to help to these TT

C' mon guys, we must show our support to GD Oppa!

Yo #iSupportGD (Español)

¡Hola! ¿Cómo están? Sé que muchos de ustedes estan enojados porque GD fue acusado de
y también por la restricción de edad para los compradores de su albúm (Inapropiado
para menores de 19 años), añadiendo a eso que su concierto contiene contenido visual "sexual"
y algunos niños que asistieron al concierto fueron expuestos por lo que el DVD será
CENSURADO también (Pueden leer más -en inglés- aquí)

Lunes, 28 de Diciembre , 9AM EST (New York - E.E.U.U)
Lunes, 28 de Diciembre, 11AM (Santiago - Chile)
Lunes, 28 de Diciembre, 11PM (Seúl - Corea)
Lunes, 28 de Diciembre, 11PM (Tokyo - Japón)

Si necesitan un convertidor horario, visiten los siguientes enlaces:
The World Clock
Current local times around the world (Main list)

Tienen que recordar...
- Todos los tweets deben ser públicos para que cuenten
- No apoyen a los otros trending topics, como Xmas o #nowplaying (que son los más populares),
por ejemplo:
Recibí el album Heartbreaker en Xmas, porque #iSupportGD
#nowplaying GD - Breathe y qué? #iSupportGD
Porque ustedes van a ayudar a esos TT

¡Vamos Chic@s, tenemos que mostrar nuestro apoyo a GD Oppa!


Friends Only

Decidí que mi Livejournal sea sólo para amigos. Razones hay varias, publico mi vida aquí, y como inet es para el mundo, no me podría quejar si la llegará a leer una persona no deseada. Además, si no les gustan las cosas asiáticas, no deberían gastar su tiempo aquí.

Sí de verdad es interesante o tenemos gustos en común, por favor dejen su comentario para añadirlos.

I decided that my Livejournal should be only for friends. There are a lot of reasons , I publish my life here, and Inet is for the world, I might not complain if a not wished person will manage to read it. Also, If You don't like Asian things, You shouldn't spend your time here.

If is interesting for You or We love same things , please leave your commentary and I'll add You.